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Human Body Parts Discovered in Self-Storage Facility that Belonged to a Former Medical Examiner

By George F. Indest III, J.D., M.P.A., LL.M., Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law

A former medical examiner, who is accused of keeping the body parts of more than 100 people in his Pensacola storage facility, was arrested September 7, 2012. He now faces a felony charge of improper storage of hazardous waste, a misdemeanor charge of “nuisance injurious to public health” and driving with a suspended license, according to a number of sources.

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It is reported that he had previously been fired as a medical examiner in Jackson County, Missouri. His medical license was allegedly revoked in Missouri. A check of the Florida Department of Health (DOH) licensing website lists his license as null and void. To see his license verification, click here. He could also have some serious points added to his driving license, making his auto insurance premiums go up (if convicted of the traffic offense).

Livers, Brains and Hearts Allegedly Found in Storage Facility.

According to an article in the Pensacola News Journal, the former medical examiner rented the self-storage unit for about three years. On August 22, 2012, he defaulted on his payments, and the unit was auctioned off.

When the storage facility was auctioned off, the new purchaser allegedly discovered 10 cardboard boxes containing human remains stored in a liquid. Garbage bags containing human remains packaged in soda cups and plastic food containers were also found.

This is one auction I doubt you are going to see on “Auction Hunters” or “Storage Wars” on television.

According to a related Associated Press article, the District 1 Medical Examiner’s Office in Pensacola said that the remains appear to have come from private autopsies that were performed between 1997 and 2007 at funeral homes in the Florida Panhandle and in Tallahassee. Allegedly 111 containers filled with body parts, including hearts, brains, a liver, and a lung were found.

Although there were lots of brains found, there were no “Abbie Normal” brains reportedly found.

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Former Medical Examiner Fired from Medical Examiner’s Office in Pensacola.

The former medical examiner reportedly worked at the District 1 Medical Examiner’s Office in Pensacola from 1997 to 2003. He was fired for allegedly having a large backlog of cases and failing to complete autopsy reports in a timely manner.

Investigation Continues.

Right now, the former medical examiner faces a felony charge of improper storage of hazardous waste, a misdemeanor charge of “nuisance injurious to public health” and driving with a suspended license. These charges alone could land him in prison for more than five years. 

The District 1 Medical Examiner’s Office in Pensacola is contacting all the family members of the decedents whose body parts were found. If the family did not give permission to the former doctor, more charges could be coming. Exactly how these body parts are being identified has not been made clear.

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